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We No Go Gree O

We No Go Gree O – A Strategic Research on Nigeria’s Shrinking Civic Space

2021-11-10Civic Space Strengtheningcivic-space-strengthening
Artisanal and Small Scale Mining in Nigeria

Focus on Plateau, Nasarawa, Ebonyi States and the
Federal Capital Territory

2022-08-02Equitable Resource Governanceequitable-resource-governance
Protecting Community Rights

Protecting Community Rights – within the Institutional, Legal and Regulatory Framework for Mining Activities in Nigeria
This book attempts to address gaps in the promotion and protection of host community rights in Nigeria’s solid mineral industry. It provides an overview of the Nigerian institutional legal and regulatory framework on mineral extraction, its social, environmental and human rights impacts, and discusses the protection of community rights within this framework.

2014-03-22Access to Justice, Business & Human Rights, Equitable Resource Governanceaccess-to-justice business-human-rights equitable-resource-governance
Promoting Climate Smart Mining in Nigeria

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is one of many events that has had negative impacts on the global oil markets exposing the fragility and vulnerability of the Nigerian economy. This has prompted the Federal Government of Nigeria, to intensify its efforts of diversifying the Nigerian economy. One of such efforts is revamping the mining sector in order to attract foreign investments. Can Nigeria successfully pursue its mining ambition for economic growth in a socially and environmentally sustainable and responsible way with minimal impact on local host communities?

2021-08-12Equitable Resource Governance  equitable-resource-governance
Mass Atrocities Casualties Tracking Report 2020

Our tracking of casualties of conflicts, violent clashes and extrajudicial killings across Nigeria in 2020.

2021-02-22Security & Human Rightssecurity-human-rights
Mass Atrocities Casualties Tracking Report 2019

Our tracking of casualties of conflicts, violent clashes and extrajudicial killings across Nigeria for 2019.

2020-02-11Security & Human Rightssecurity-human-rights
Roles of Women in Fueling and Countering Violent Extremism in North-East Nigeria

Countering Violent Extremism in Northern-East Nigeria through the LEN OF WOMEN

2017-10-16Security & Human Rightssecurity-human-rights

This report has attempted to provide a narrative on the status of the extractive host community in Nigeria and at the same time proffered some recommendations. It is our hope that it will increase stakeholder knowledge and catalyze essential conversations with policymakers, and that legal and regulatory reforms will result from these conversations and improve the status of extractive host communities across Nigeria.

2014-04-01Equitable Resource Governanceequitable-resource-governance

Introduction to extractive industry contracts, governance and human rights UN Principles for Responsible Contracts

2012-10-15Equitable Resource Governanceequitable-resource-governance