Please join us on Friday 26th of May 2023 by 7pm as we reflect on mass killings across the country with victims experiences and experts perspectives as part of our #NDOM2023.


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Excerpts from our ongoing capacity building in Sokoto state ...

On-going Global Rights Capacity Building on Dialogue, Peacebuilding, Non-Punitive Response, and Early Warning Approaches for Community Dialogue Committee in North-Western Nigeria.

In partnership with @thekukahcentre and @Houseofjustice

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Ongoing training ...

Happy workers day to all the workers in Nigeria, dedicated continually to making valued contributions to National Development.

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Eid Mubarak to our Muslim brothers and sister ...

Join us as we explore the importance of fiscal justice and social safeguards in the solid minerals sector, identify practical strategies for promoting transparency and accountability in the sector, develop actionable recommendations for improving solid mineral governance in Nigeria, and strengthen networks and partnerships among stakeholders in the sector.
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It's 1 day to the State Level Elections. Ensure to go out and vote on Saturday the 18th
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It's two (2) days to the State Level Elections. Ensure to go out and vote on Saturday the 18th
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It's 3 days to the State Level Elections. Ensure to go out and vote on Saturday the 18th
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Good governance is not just a function of on tier of the government. As we all came out en masse on the 25th of February, it's also important to elect good governors and representatives in the House of Assembly.
Another thing that is more important is that you stay safe.
This guide will help you prepare well.

Welcome to March!
Remember, "My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.
- Mpilo Desmond Tutu

These five (5)essential tips will help you stay safe as we all go out to vote tomorrow.
Your life matters; your vote counts.
Share with everyone.
#INEC #NigeriaDecides2023 #ICEA

If you sell your vote for a penny,
You will have at least 4 years to live in penury
You will lose your right to complain
You would have sold your voice too.

Do not sell your vote for any fee,
This is the only way you can live free,
Vote for the right leaders
Your vote counts.
#ICEA #nigeriadecides2023

@inecnigeria has made provisions for an all-inclusive electoral process. No voter will be left behind: PWD and other vulnerable groups will fully participate in the coming elections.
#3DaysToElections2023 #ICEA #NigeriaDecides2023

Come Saturday, 25th of February 2023, we will be faced with an important decision.
These 7 steps will help you do it right.

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As we speedily approach the election day, having educated voters on their rights in our previous video, we also want you to stay safe during before, during and after casting your vote.
How can you do this?
Please watch this video till the end.
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#ICEA #NigeriaElections2023

“Every election is determined by the people who show up.”
― Larry J. Sabato
Be one of those who will decide the future of Nigeria. Show up and Vote.
#NigeriaDecides2023 #ICEA