Words are powerful triggers of emotions.
When you say the wrong things, you trigger wrong emotions and the outcome could be disastrous.
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Knowing how critical the #2023Elections is, we will continuously inform of the steps to take and the dates we must note to vote, vote rightly, and stay safe.
According to data by @inecnigeria, they are about 93,469,008 registered and eligible voters...
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"Hatred is a danger to everyone...."
(- Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General, 2021)

Stopping Hate Speech starts with you.
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Ending HATE SPEECH begins with you;
HATE SPEECH is when you speak, write or...๐Ÿ‘‡

Are you registered to vote?

This is what you must do now ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

Our Mass Atrocities tracking for the month of December shows an increased Boko Haram/ISWAP in the Northeast and Banditry in mostly the Northwest and some parts of the North Central.

Abduction has also increased by about 100% compared to what was recorded in the previous month.

Nigeria cannot afford any further violence.
This election season, we must demand accountability from everyone.
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Watch: Nigerians share their PVC collection experience
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Facts on registered voters ahead of the 2023 elections based on Geo-Political zones.
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Today we salute in remembrance all the members of our Armed Forces who stood to defend our land, those who gave their lives protecting our rights and ensuring our security.

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Tonight on @Wazobiatvng , @FemiDlive and Somi will be hosting @Gaxkin on the show "Koko of the Matter", and they will be discussing on a critical topic, "2023 ELECTIONS: HOW E GO TAKE AFFECT HUMAN RIGHTS MATTER."

Tune in at 6 pm (WAT). Be a part of this critical discourse.

A society where everyone's human right is respected and regardless of ethnicity, gender, background or status, everyone has access to justice. We can be this nation!
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Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you and yours from all of us at Global Rights ๐ŸŽ„ ...

Happy birthday!
To a splendid leader
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Happy birthday to our Executive Director, Abiodun Baiyewu.

We say a very happy birthday and many happy returns
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Why you never collect your PVC? ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿค”
This 2023 Election no be joke oh!
If you no vote for the right candidate, na another eight years of Shege Pro Max be that.
So abeg, enter the INEC office for your ward, collect your PVC and make we vote.
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According to @vanguardngrnews, INEC has suffered at least 50 attacks across 15 states between 2019 and 2022. Southeastern Nigeria tops the chart regionally, as only Imo state has seen up to 11 of such attacks.
As the 2023 elections draw near, this all-important dialogue aims to dissect the forms and possible roots of this and other forms of political violence ravaging our dear country, Nigeria.
Click this link to register๐Ÿ‘‰ https://bit.ly/3Pz0Jqm

Hereโ€™s what the panelists had to say concerning Insecurity in Northern Nigeria regarding the Economy and Gender roles ...

In the 3rd quarter of 2022, at least 708 people were killed and at least 1047 abducted, according to a Global Rights report.
Join us in this conversation, "Spotlighting Insecurity In Northern Nigeria Within Economic and Gender Contexts."
Register here bit.ly/3gzuD0C

Highlights of Day 3: the @aceppower workshop with the facilitators @kc_onuorah @chris_kwaja @bede
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Ongoing Session 2 in the Day 2 of the ACEP @aceppower workshop
Facilitated by @shemylish on NEGOTIATING CDAs and PARTICIPATING IN ESIAS

In the face of the continuously increasing level of insecurity in Nigeria, Global Rights will hold a Conflict Specific Dialogue which focuses on "Spotlighting Insecurity In Northern Nigeria Within Economic and Gender Contexts."
Register with this link bit.ly/3gzuD0C

Day ONE of the Africa Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP) workshop in 90 seconds
Facilitator @ken_henshaw
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Day 1๏ธโƒฃ
Weโ€™re live and ready
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Hello, the workshop begins in 3,2,1
Have you registered yet?
Global Rights will train you to actively participate in governance and access information on decisions and practices that ultimately affect their most basic needs, which is key to continuing to exercise their rights.