Living with Violence Afghan

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Global Rights’ Living with Violence: A National Report on Domestic Abuse in Afghanistan (the Report)
presents the findings of surveys on domestic violence conducted with women in 4,700 households in 16
provinces1 located across Afghanistan in 2006.2 The research is unique in many respects. It is the first to
report on domestic violence throughout the country based on samples of women that are representative of
the ethnic and geographic diversity of Afghanistan. It is also the first that gathers statistical data from
surveys with women at the household level rather than relying on secondary sources such as records of
reported violence at police stations or hospitals. Perhaps the most significant feature of the research,
however, is that it reflects a collaborative effort between Global Rights and Afghan civil society. Global
Rights partnered with four Afghan women’s organizations in conducting the research, and trained women
leaders to conduct surveys with women in the communities in which they lived. An Afghan research
institute was involved in analyzing the data, and workshops and consultations were held with women’s
rights advocates and service providers to draw on their experiences to provide a context for interpreting
the research findings.

Living with Violence Afghan