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While it is difficult to determine the exact prevalence of domestic violence throughout Morocco, statistics that are available demonstrate that domestic violence is a widespread problem. A 2011 national study on the prevalence of violence against women found that 62.8% of women in Morocco of ages 18-64 had been victims of some form of violence during the year preceding the study.4 This same study found that 55% of these acts of violence were committed by a victim’s husband, and the violence was reported by the wife in only 3% of such cases.5 Another 2011 report identified that in cases of violence against women, the perpetrator is the husband in eight out of ten cases.6 Furthermore, there is an overall acceptance of domestic violence and a distrust of the justice system that make it unlikely that a victim will report domestic violence. One survey found that 33 percent of respondents believed that a man is sometimes justified to beat his wife.

2011 10 14 Final Shadow Report to CAT