As an essential service provider, I have had to spend most of my days outdoors than indoors and I have truly come to appreciate the serenity of the environment.
The community had initially been unusually quiet and you could count the number of people on the road. Those seen were either just sitting out to get fresh air, or to survey the environment
 To get to the office, I go with a staff that is mobile and I have realized that its my best chance of getting to the office as the roads are empty.
I would never had believed that ever busy Lagos state could be so calm, no cars, no buses, no noise, no ‘abero’, just nobody on the streets. Those working had to go with food to the office because there was nowhere to buy from
Although this level of serenity was not long-lasting, as people gradually started moving out majorly in search of money and to conquer boredom.
For me the season has been used to take up some routines like praying, reading, exercising and watching movies. It has also been an amazing time to bond with family and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.
I have also been trying out some courses online. This corona virus period has also been a time for me to slow down and think of where I am, would love to be and how to get there. It has been a time of truth-telling and decisions.
On sustenance, luckily I live with family, so we were able to purchase some foodstuff before the lock down.
There is however no doubt that the lockdown has greatly affected income as it has been crippled by the virus because our service thrives on the service of others.
By Judith Ngozi