Posted time January 8, 2024 Location Abuja_Nigeria Job type Consultant, Short - Term Contract
Request for Proposal –   Narrative Report of Mass Atrocities Recorded in Nigeria in 2023
Scope: Terms of Reference for Consultant to Develop a Compelling Narrative Report of Mass Atrocities recorded in Nigeria in 2023
Location: Nigeria
Application Close: NA
Global Rights is a foremost human rights and governance capacity-building non-governmental organization (NGO). The organization works at the intersection of the protection, promotion and fulfilment of human rights through good governance. We provide technical assistance and training to enable local partners to document and expose human rights abuses, conduct community outreach and mobilization, advocate for legal and policy reform, and provide legal and paralegal services.

Global Rights wish to commission a consultant to develop a compelling narrative report of Mass Atrocities recorded in Nigeria  2023.

To develop a clear, direct, informative and objective report on Mass Atrocities recorded in Nigeria in 2023, using the Global Rights’ data collation on mass atrocities, with a focus on projecting the data and statistics. The report should be designed to include infographics in line with the colour scheme.Scope of Work:
The consultant will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Review and rewrite the Mass Atrocities report for 2023
  • Review and analyze the organization’s in-house data tracking system on Mass Atrocities recorded in Nigeria in 2023.
  • Conduct desk research on the violence and conflict landscape of Nigeria during the period under review.
  • Develop a compelling narrative report on Mass Atrocities recorded in Nigeria in 2023, using clear and concise language that conveys factual information.
  • Design infographics using the colour scheme to support the report.
  • Submit the draft report to Global Rights for review and feedback.
  • Incorporate feedback from Global Rights and submit a final report.


  • A clear, direct, informative and objective report on  violence in Nigeria in 2023.
  • Infographics designed.
  • A presentation of the report to Global Rights.

Timeline: 4 weeks

The consultant should have experience in conducting research and developing reports on political, conflict and social issues in Africa. The consultant should also have experience in designing infographics and be proficient in the use of relevant software.

Timeline: The consultancy will be conducted over a period of 4 weeks.

Intellectual Property Rights:
All intellectual property rights arising from the consultancy will be the property of Global Rights. The consultant will not disclose or use any confidential information obtained during the consultancy for any other purpose without the written consent of Global Rights.
Confidentiality and Ethical Considerations:
The consultant will ensure that all data and information collected during the consultancy is treated with the utmost confidentiality and in accordance with ethical principles. In particular, the consultant will ensure that data and information collected is stored securely and only accessible to authorized personnel. The team will also comply with relevant legal and ethical standards and report any ethical concerns or violations to Global Rights immediately.Reporting:
The consultant will report to the Executive Director and Program Manager.Proposal Submission:

Interested qualified consultants are invited to submit an expression of interest that includes the following:

  • An understanding of the requirements
  • Methodology and work plan for performing the assignment
  • Project delivery plans
  • Budget
  • Registration and other relevant statutory documents


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