I traveled for a brief work, what I never budgeted was Corona Virus shutting down my life and putting family at risk. The lockdown has ensured that I am stranded, strapped, and stuck in relative safety, while my wife and child face daily security threats as robbers have now taken over.

I live in Igando, Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State, and as I write this, criminals have invaded my neighborhood. They operate by going from house to house daily and worse there is no security presence to derail their movements.

The youth of the community have resorted to community policing as a way to help fight the rise of these robberies which has suddenly spiked since the enforcement of the lockdown in Lagos. I try to call my wife every day to assure her that everything would be fine and she shouldn’t be afraid but deep down, I feel guilty for being in a safe environment while me wife and child are in constant danger. Every night I lie awake worrying if this is the night when the robbers would visit my house, what would happen to my wife and child? We aren’t wealthy, so we don’t even have anything to offer them, what would happen then? I am so worried about my family, at this point all I can do is pray.

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