Global Rights opened its Morocco field office in March 2000 and since then has established itself in a leadership role throughout North Africa. Today, we are strengthening our local partners with skills and experience to conduct grassroots awareness-raising and community mobilization around women’s rights; utilize international human rights standards in strategic litigation to promote and protect those rights; and facilitate networking and collaboration between and among urban and rural non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.

Beginning in 2007, we began to promote women’s rights in marriage in North Africa through the strategic crafting of marriage contracts with rights-protective clauses and conducted community mobilization and advocacy for the adoption of a violence-against-women (VAW) act that same year.

Our work also includes a model court accompaniment program aimed at increasing women’s access to justice. In 2009, Global Rights’ field staff began working with 11 partners throughout Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia and continues to do so in Morocco.


Reforming Marriage Contract Procedures to Promote Women's Human Rights  2012  | English Français | العربية

برنامج مرافقة النساء إلى المحاكم من أجل ضمان تحقيق العدالة: دليل عملي لفائدة المنظمات الغير حكومية المحلية بالمغرب. (النسخة الثانية)  c 2012 | Arabic

Researching and Documenting the Use of Marriage Contracts Among Local Authorities  2011  | English | Français | العربية

Shadow Report: Challenges with Addressing Domestic Violence in Compliance with the Convention Against Torture 47th Session of the Committee Against Torture
2011 |  English | French | Arabic

ملخص تقارير الجمعيات الشريكة حول: العنف ضد النساء، أية تكلفة؟A2011 | Arabic

NGO-drafted Bill on Violence against Women in Morocco: Key Provisions  2010 | English  | French | العربية (full text) 

لنجعل حقوق الإنسان حقيقة: برنامج للتربية على الحقوق الإنسانية و القانونية للنساء بالمغربA2011 | Arabic

For an English summary of the 2nd edition of the Making Human Rights Real: A Human Rights Education Program for Women in Morocco Facilitator's Manual, please click here.

Legal Empowerment of Unwed Mothers: Experiences of Moroccan NGOs   2010
This is an excerpt from IDLO's book, Legal Empowerment: Practitioners' Perspectives  2010

Marriage contract discussion booklet  2009 | Français | العربية

Conditions, not Conflict: Promoting Women's Human Rights in the Maghreb through Strategic Use of the Marriage Contract 2008 English | Français | العربية

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*Photo by Association Amal pour la Femme et le Développement